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AirPorn – – The first blockchain based solution to many problems in the porn industry.

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AirPorn (@AirPornIO) (Airporn Platform White Paper)

Airporn is the first blockchain-based solution to many problems in porn industry. Follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss any latest news about our ICO!


Airporn is the first adult entertainment platform powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Content producers (publishers) publish the videos onto the Airporn platform, and consumers are charged for watching the videos. Both the producers and consumer are paid and charged with the Airpon XXXtokens.

The Airporn platform is trying to solve the common pain point endured by both porn producers and the consumers. For indie porn producers, it is important for them to separate work from real life, thus hiding their identities is crucial but often hard to implement. If the payment processor gets hacked bank account information and identities can be exposed. For the end-users, the endless ads and phishing links popping out of the porn site bothers them and put their personal info at risk. Even for paid porn site, they are risking their credit card info being stolen or misused.

The Aiporn platform tries to solve the above problem with cryptocurrency payment and incentive design. The porn producers post video contents on the Airporn platform and are paid for each view of the video with the Airporn XXX token. The consumers get an ad-free adult video site by paying a relatively small fee to the producers. There are several benefits with the model:

For end users (consumers)

  • Privacy: Since all payment are paid with XXX tokens instead of credit card. You never have to worry about your credit card info being stolen or risking your credit card statement being seen by your spouse or girlfriend. We will not ask users to register either.
  • No ads: Since you paid a few tokens for each video you watch, you don’t have to see or click any ads at all. Airporn will always remain ad-free.
  • High Quality and Accessibility: Users can access to high-quality videos on Airporn because the producers are paid properly to produce one. As more publisher and producers join Airporn, Airporn will have the most complete porn collection in the world, making them easily accessible to the user.

For content producers (Publishers, Indie/Homemade porn producers)

  • Privacy: Produce videos and get paid without giving out your true identity, payment is received with crypto currencies (XXX Tokens), and can be converted to fiat through major exchanges.
  • Get Paid (and get paid faster): End-users only have to pay a small amount of tokens on each view. Thus they are incentivized to pay fee for high quality contents on the platform, instead of looking for pirated porn videos on the internet. The publishers can benefit from these payments instead of having the pirated videos sites earn money with their content. With XXX token, the producers are also paid faster as the smart contractautomatically pays dividends to the producer. Airporn can not hold or delay the fund.
  • Transparency: All payment and profit sharing record are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, which is publicly visible but anonymous as the true identity can not be linked to a given Ethereum wallet address. For more details please take a look at the Profit Sharing Model section.


Airporn leverages the advancement of the blockchain technology to make payment anonymous and secure between users.

Crowdsale and Token Contracts

Aiporn XXX tokens are ERC20 compliant tokens, which can be sent and received by all major Ethereum wallets that support the ERC20 token standard. The XXX tokens will be offered in Airporn’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which can be exchanged by sending Ethers to the ICO contract. Airporn uses a separate token contract for distributing ERC20 tokens to keep the token contract simple and less prone to hacks. The ERC20 contract implementation comes from the popular solidity contract library zeppelin-solidity, which is proved by a lot of other ICO to be safe to use.

Video Storage and Streaming

Airporn uses the Google Cloud Platform as the cloud provider, which provides the most reliable and fast infrastructure. Initially, the video files will be stored on Google Cloud Storage. Later on, when the video grows in volume, Airporn will consider migrating part of the video files onto the Ethereum Swarm distributed storage. The video files will be stored encrypted on the Swarm distributed storage, and Google Cloud Storage is used as a cache for regularly accessed video files. Since Swarm is DDOS-resistant, zero-downtime, fault-tolerant, and censorship-resistant, it guarantees our video data is saved safely on the Ethereum network. Uploading contents to the swarm network require us to pay Ethers to the network, thus part of the raised Ethers will be used for pushing video files onto the Swarm distributed storage.

Profit Sharing Model

All transaction occurred on the Airporn platform is executed through the transfer of XXX tokens. Tokens are paid to a smart contract powered by the Ethereum platform, with a dividend to both Airporn and video producers. The dividend ratio is agreed between the video producers and Airporn on initial signup and enforced by smart contract. All of the contracts and transactions are transparent and trackable on the blockchain. Any third-party can inspect the records to make sure their favorite model/producers get paid.

Since the payment amount on Airporn will usually be small (so called “micropayments”), the Airporn platform also allows a user to batch the payment by deposit some of the XXX tokens onto the platform. The payment to producers will still be made through smart contracts.


The Ethereum raised in Airporn’s crowdsale will allow us accomplish a few things. One portion of the Ethereum will go towards finalizing the platform (including paying for Swarm storage). Another portion of the Ethereum will go towards improving the content of the platform. The rest of the Ethereum will be used for operating expenses. Please see timeline below for goals and milestones.

  • 2017 Q1 Market research and assessing technical and business feasibility.
  • 2017 Q2 Crowdsale preparation (contract development, website design).
  • 2017 Q3~Q4 Crowdsale & Token distribution
  • 2017 Q4 Hiring and Platform development.
  • 2018 Q1 Cooperate with amateur adult video producers sourced from social network, e.g. Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, …, etc.
  • 2018 Q1 Close partnerships with three influential adult entertainment stars and producers.
  • 2018 Q2 Start beta testing (for token owners only).
  • 2018 Q2 Content gathering and signing deals with well-known adult video producers.
  • 2018 Q3 Official launch.

Crowdsale Details

The Airporn XXX Token sale will be launched on 14 Aug 2017 and ends on 14 Nov 2017 or when the sale hit the crowdsale cap (25M USD), whichever comes first. Participants can purchase the XXX token by sending Ethers to the crowdsale contract. The XXX token crowdsale pricing is as follows:

  • First 7 days: 1 ETH for 2000 XXX
  • 7 ~ 14 days: 1 ETH for 1800 XXX
  • 14 ~ 21 days: 1 ETH for 1700 XXX
  • 21 ~ 28 days: 1 ETH for 1600 XXX
  • 28 ~ 35 days: 1 ETH for 1500 XXX
  • 35 ~ 49 days: 1 ETH for 1400 XXX
  • 49 ~ 63 days: 1 ETH for 1300 XXX
  • 63 ~ 77 days: 1 ETH for 1200 XXX
  • 77 ~ end: 1 ETH for 1100 XXX

After the crowdsale, 20% of the total issued XXX token will be allocated to the Airporn team for the development purpose and provide early users free tokens to bootstrap the platform.

All of ICO funding will be managed under a legal entity, and it will be used for Aiporn product development, daily operation, marketing, and legal fees.

Product Development (40%)

Recruitment of best talents in the world to keep Airporn’s technology ahead, and deliver the final platform ASAP

Operations (20%)

For paying servers and customer services. In the future when we migrated the video files to the Swarm distributed storage, Ethers will be used to pay for pushing the encrypted video data onto the network.

Marketing (20%)

Along with part of the 20% XXX token allocated to Airporn will be used to promote and market the platform.

Content Production and Sourcing (20%)

Part of the fund will be used to cooperate with porn producers and sponsor them to generate high-quality content for bootstrapping the platform.


Aiporn comes up as a dream of the co-founders to become one of the best Adult Entertainment platforms in the world that provide privacy to the users and profit the producers. After talking with several stakeholders, we’re excited to learn that they also shares this dream and embraces what Airporn is going to achieve. We’d like to invite you to join this journey of transforming the traditional adult entertainment industry. The future looks bright for Airporn, and we sincerely believe that we are doing a service for the world. Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter!

Masahiro Yasu – Founder of ALIS – @ALIS_Media

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Yasu is a graduate from Kyoto University, the university with the highest number of Nobel Prize winner recipients in Japan. He majored in nuclear fusion and analyzed alfven eigenmode raised in helical plasma by Fortran. After graduation, he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (The 2nd largest HR company in the world, also the parent company of Indeed). Yasu is experienced in business development, including business strategy and system development of several products, such as business SNS and referral tool. He also actively worked on machine learning and natural language analysis, and received the GROWTH FORUM Award which is the highest prize in Recruit. Currently he also serves as a project leader of a joint project with Microsoft Japan.

Twitter has a new subscription service ($99 per month)

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Twitter Ads Beta

Today Twitter started a new beta program to automate status promotion. They will promote the first 10 tweets you post each day to a wider audience. Automated Twitter Ads to amplify your reach.

Looking at the tweets, people are going NUTS!


You can apply to join the Twitter beta program here.


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Social Media Marketing Agency

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Buy Real Instagram Followers

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Yes, you can Buy Real Instagram Followers. In this post I will explain how.

How do I know if I Buy Real Instagram Followers?

  1. The first way you can tell if you’re getting real followers is if you start getting interactions on older posts. If you haven’t posted in 10 hours but you gain 100 new followers and 80 new likes chances are your social media manager is helping you gain real followers. Now if you gain 10,000 new followers over night and you haven’t posted chances are your social media manager has been delivering fake followers. I have seen very few instances where a celebrity gains over 10,000 new followers in a day without being in the news.
  2. Secondly most of the new followers you obtain should have over 5 social media posts & more than 50 followers. 80% of the time a user does not have a profile picture on Instagram they are likely a fake account.
  3. The last point is an obvious one but most people miss this. If someone is offering to grow your account and they do not ask for login access to your account they are delivering fake followers. There is no way to grow your Instagram without logging into your account. Whether it’s to log into an application or program to manage the account or to run ads, both require access to the account.

Clients often ask where they can BUY REAL INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS… is the only way to go!

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Social Media Marketing for NFL Players

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Ruin Me – @RuinMeMovie Trailer HD (2017) Horror Movie (Muskegon, Michigan)

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Ruin Me – Movie Trailer HD (2017) Horror Movie

Alexandra reluctantly tags along for Slasher Sleepout, an extreme event that is part camping trip, part haunted house, and part escape room. But when the fun turns deadly, Alex has to play the game if she wants to make it out alive.

Writer & Executive Producer Trysta Bissett brings Hollywood production to West Michigan for one of two independent films she will produce here. (Ruin Me & After The Summer)

Directed by Preston DeFrancis 
Written by Trysta A. Bissett & Preston DeFrancis
Produced by Rebecca G. Stone
Executive Producers: Trysta A. Bissett, Preston DeFrancis, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, and David Hendleman

Starring Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill, Eva Hamilton, John Odom, Cameron Gordon, and Sam Ashdown

Follow The Movie On Social Media!

What NOT to do when you reach 1 Million Followers! (@ATLHawks)

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Today is a wonderful day people! It’s a Friday, the sun is out and the Atlanta Hawks have reached 1 Million Followers on Twitter! Congratulations to the entire Hawks organization, that is a big accomplishment.

Now it’s time for me to be brutally honest. When the @ATLHawks reached 1Million followers they posted this tweet…

If you’re a fan of this team you have to be disappointed with this post. At the very least they should have had the team Owner Tony Ressler or Coach Mike Budenholzer do a quick 30 second video thanking the fans for their continued support. Even the mascot would have been better than this! That’s a post where it has to be team related, and it should include the team logo just in case a news station does an article on it. I cannot see 1 sports station using that tweet for a segment tonight. That’s what is bugging me the most. I could see ESPN mentioning a great social media post if the content was there and it included the players… You left that opportunity on the table when you posted a celebration that didn’t include any of the players.

I vision upbeat music in the background and quick video cuts from one player to another saying their name & thank you hawks fans.

“Hey it’s Dwight Howard and I want to thank all of our loyal hawks fans for your support, 1 Million followers now let’s get it to two!” – Fade into Hawks logo, Done!

That would mean so much more to the fans & I guarantee more people would have interacted with this post. 4 hours later and we’re still under 100 Retweets on a post celebrating 1 Million followers.

I’m not making this up, major corporations around the world make this same mistake daily. Utilize video content and you need to focus on the faces of your franchise. Let’s be great together!

By: @JoshRoomsburg

Stevie Stone – Level Up (Album) @StevieStone09

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This week Stevie Stone released his 5th Studio Album titled “Level Up” the project features production from Scott Storch & The Mekanix as well as features from label mates Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & Darrein Safron. Personally, I feel this is the best project Stevie has ever put together. He is evolving as an artist right before our eyes. He has cracked the code on creating a mainstream album with this project. He has songs for the hipsters, the streets, the ladies & the smokers. By creating songs for each different demographic he has created the opportunity to bring in additional new fans by touching each of these new markets. With the release of his latest single “Another Level” Produced by The Mekanix he has tapped back into the California market by creating a Dr. Dre type West Coast sound on this record. Watch the official video below!


He has an original voice so I love that he is recording his voice & changing his style over different types of records. The next single I could see having major success off this album is a record titled “Crushin” Produced by Scott Storch which has a Pharrell & The Neptunes vibe to it. DB Bantino sounds amazing on this hook I swear! Real smooth & I know the ladies will love it!


If you like what you’ve heard so far you can grab the album from your favorite music store!

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=”×683.png”]


I also had the opportunity to meet up with a few members of Strange Music when they visited 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Strictly Strange Tour 2017.

Me & My boy @StevieStone tonight in #GrandRapids #StrictlyStrangeTour17 Lookout for #LevelUp 6/2/17

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Me, @CountyBoyFrizz & #MrIJustDontGotNoTime #MrGetOffMe @DarreinSTL ✌️😉

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Here is a video I produced of the event featuring Stevie Stone, Darrein Safron & Frizz!


Contact: Joshuwa Roomsburg

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By: @JoshRoomsburg